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The Royal Narnian Ship Edmund/Caspian

Edmund and Caspian: Slash and Gen

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All Members , Moderated
Edmund and Caspian: slash and gen
Welcome aboard the Royal Narnian Ship Edmund/Caspian! Whether you're just here for a scenic tour, or whether you're signing on as a full-time shipmate, we're delighted to have you here.

This community is for Edmund/Caspian fans to meet and share their fic: we're quite the minority ship at the moment (although no doubt that will change when the next movie comes out), and it can be hard to find good Edmund/Caspian fic in amongst the big Narnia communities. Bring your Edmund/Caspian fic, your sense of humour, and your love of Edmund and/or Caspian, and join in the fun. :)

Your Voyage Today Will Be Under the Command Of: Cap'n ineptshieldmaid, and First Mate agenttrojie. We're very nice, and no one ever has to scrub the decking (unless they want to).
If you need to contact the mods privately, please email ineptshieldmaid AT gmail DOT com.

Posting Guidelines:

You may post to this community:

* Fic which has Edmund/Caspian as one of its pairings.
* Gen-fic centred around Edmund or Caspian. (We love our boys, even when they're not making out.)
* Fic of any rating and of any length.
* Edmund/Caspian icons, song mixes and fanvids.

You may not post:

* RPS. Skandar/Ben is already a substantial RPS ship: we recommend you post your Skandar/Ben fic on narnia_slash. edmund_caspian is devoted to Edmund Pevensie and King Caspian X of Narnia, rather than their actors.

When posting, please use a header which looks something like this:

Title: Your Fic Title Here
Rating: General/Teen+/Mature/Explicit (if you prefer to use another ratings system, such as the US movie ratings, that's fine; but you have to tag your post using these four categories)
Pairing/Characters: Edmund/Caspian, *any other pairings* (for genfic, perhaps tell us the main character)
Content notes: [here is where you put warnings and other relevant notes. You MUST provide content notes if your fic contains rape/noncon, graphic violence, major character death. More detailed content notes are always appreciated - it helps us find the things we like, and avoid the things we don't.] If it is your policy not to give content notes, then you must state 'I do not give content notes' rather than leave this field blank.

You may wish to give other information, like author's name, movie/book-verse, that sort of thing. Between now and the DVD release of Dawn Treader you must warn for spoilers for the new movie. Provided below are two sample headers, with greyed-out text over the content notes.

Note: if you are cross-posting from the A03, the A03's 'share' function will provide you with a header containing most of the information you need. Just remember to add a spoiler warning if necessary!

Sample fic header with content notes greyed out and with alt-text for screen readers (replace capitalised text with your own text)

1. For use between 2nd Decemeber 2010 and the DVD release of Dawn Treader:

2. For use after the DVD release of Dawn Treader:

Next, you post your fic. If posting directly to the community, please put your fic under an lj-cut. You create an lj-cut in HTML view by putting the following code at the front of your fic:

[lj-cut text= "fic under the cut"] (replace square brackets with pointy brackets)

And at the end of your fic, you put the close tag: [/lj-cut]

If you have already posted your fic to your own journal or to another community, then you can put in a link to that journal.

The html code for a link looks like this (replace square brackets with pointy brackets and replace our URL and text with your own): [a href= http://community.livejournal.com/edmund_caspian/profile ]Edmund/Caspian community[/a]

Tagging your post: Please tag your own posts, using this guide. If it is your first time posting, select as many relevant tags as you can, and we'll make you an author tag as soon as possible.

Adult Concepts / Adult Content Filters:

This community is set to default to LJ's "adult concepts" filter. Logged-in users aged under 14 will not be able to read posts in this community. Posts default to unlocked.
Please use your discretion: if you think that your post should be friends-locked to community members please do so; if you think it should be screened to users 18 and over please use the "adult content" filter.

At present the mods have no specific policy about what should or shouldn't be locked or screened. We'll get back to you if we ever think we need one. :)

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