Fic: Left My Heart Behind

Title: Left My Heart Behind
Pairing: Caspian/Edmund (prior Caspian/Ramandu’s daughter)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don’t own Narnia or any recognisable characters … it all belongs to C.S. Lewis
Summary: When Edmund left Narnia after their journey on the Dawn Treader he left his heart behind, but is all hope lost?
Authors Note: Alternate universe/canon divergent

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I dunno if anyone is still following this ship. But if they are, please check out my story on It's a bit of Cas/Ed goodness, complete with hurt/comfort, domestic stuff, angst and drama... and schmexx.
The story is listed as a WIP, but I've finished writing it, so I'm posting the chapters pretty frequently.

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Hope you enjoy :)

Pieces. Casmund fanfiction.

Title: Pieces
Author: barbarrs
Rating: Teen+
Pairing/Characters: Edmund/Caspian
Content notes: Narnia slash.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

It can be said this is based on a song "Pieces" by Red. The song reminds me of Casmund so much, it's just like the lyrics have been written totally about our two dear Kings.

Happy reading, Pieces.
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Fic Rec: Someday

Hej guys *waves*

I've read this awesome and heartbreaking piece of art the other day and need to share my emotions with someone, so here it is:

Title: Someday

Author: frojoe

Pairings: Edmund/Caspian, Edmund/OC

Rating: R

Summary: AU. Edmund and Caspian are both sold at the Lone Islands and are forced to work as sex slaves in Calormen. But Caspian knows that they will escape someday.

Warnings: AU, rape (in a fairly serious as opposed to rape as kink manner), prostitution, hurt/comfort.

Disclaimer: Does not belong to me.

A little drabble to lighten your day!

I found a little drabble all alone in a dusty file in my computer and I decided to clean it up a little and let it see the world! Here it is for your entertainment:

There is something mature about Edmund
rating: pg-13
pairing: Casmund of course
warnings: slashy thoughts
summary: There is something very mature about Edmund and it best shows in his eyes when he looks at Caspian.
timeline: anywhere from Prince Caspian onwards

If anyone feels inspired about this, feel free to continue from this/take parts of it/anything. The more Casmund around, the merrier. Just let me know and share your work!

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I don't know where else to turn to, and I'm slowly going mad trying to find this fic that I read about three months ago. 
All I remember about it is that it was set when Edmund went back to school and he kept dreaming about Caspian. Also, that it was maybe ten thousand words long and the page it was on was white with possibly a blue/violet boer thing? 
I'm sorry--I realise that this is a community for posting fic/art/vids/whatever, but I just don't know who else might be able to help me. 
Also, the words 'blue violet boer' above should read 'blue/violet BORDER', but the iPad refuses to let me change it.