voiceinahead (voiceinahead) wrote in edmund_caspian,

A little drabble to lighten your day!

I found a little drabble all alone in a dusty file in my computer and I decided to clean it up a little and let it see the world! Here it is for your entertainment:

There is something mature about Edmund
rating: pg-13
pairing: Casmund of course
warnings: slashy thoughts
summary: There is something very mature about Edmund and it best shows in his eyes when he looks at Caspian.
timeline: anywhere from Prince Caspian onwards

If anyone feels inspired about this, feel free to continue from this/take parts of it/anything. The more Casmund around, the merrier. Just let me know and share your work!

Tags: author: voiceinahead, pov: caspian, rating: teen and up

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